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Booth Tour:


The tour is organized in small groups of maximum 12 persons moving from booth to booth, where exhibitors have 8 minutes to gives their speeches.


Booth tour slot 1: Wednesday 25 September from 10:50 to 12:30

Booth tour slot 2: Thursday 26 September from 14:40 to 16:20


List of Exhibitors:

  • TRAD
  • Kleindiek Nanotechnik
  • Allied High Tech Products
  • Imina Technologies SA
  • Sector Technologies
  • Opsens Solutions Inc.
  • Zurich Instruments AG
  • Alphanov
  • Digit Concept



Please register only to one slot to give the opportunity to a maximum of attendees to participate to the tour.

Registration online for conference attendee, please check your email box.





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