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Monday, September 23

Tutorial 1
 Room Guillaumet 1
08:50 The Future of Reliability Testing
J.  Mcpherson
McPherson Reliability Consulting LLC
Tutorial 3
 Room Guillaumet 2
08:50 Introducing layered dielectrics in solid-state microelectronic devices
M. Lanza
Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials, Soochow University
10:30Coffee Break
Tutorial 2
 Room Guillaumet 1
10:50 Reliability of Power Electronic Packaging
O.  Wittler, A. Middendorf
Fraunhofer IZM
Tutorial 4
 Room Guillaumet 2
10:50 Methodology of soft error expertise applied for the use of embedded electronic devices in natural radiation environments
L. Artola
ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab
14:00Official opening of ESREF 2019

Room Saint-Exupéry
Keynote paper 1
 Room Saint-Exupéry
14:20 Invited paper
Radiation effects in avionics equipment
M. Mazurek
Keynote paper 2
 Room Saint-Exupéry
15:00 Invited paper
Remote failure analysis : a practical example with Microscope Mission
J.-R. Meyer
Best Paper IRPS
 Room Saint-Exupéry
15:40 Invited paper
Spatio-Temporal Defect Generation Process in Irradiated HfO2 MOS Stacks: Correlated versus Uncorrelated Mechanisms
F. Palumbo
16:00Coffee Break
Best Paper IPFA
 Room Saint-Exupéry
16:20 Invited paper
Understanding lifetime prediction methodology for In0.53Ga0.47As nFETs under Positive Bias Temperature Instability (PBTI) condition
Z. Ji, X. Zhang, J. Zhang
Liverpool John Moores University
Best Paper ISTFA
 Room Saint-Exupéry
16:40 Invited paper
Power Device Burned Completely – And Now, How to Find the Root Cause?
P. Jacob
Empa Swiss Fed Labs for Materials Testing and Research
17:0030th Anniversary

Room Saint-Exupéry
17:30Exhibtion Opening

Tuesday, September 24

Session B1Semiconductor Failure Mechanism & Reliability from devices to circuits modeling
 Room Cassiopée
chairpersonsA. BRAVAIX
08:30 Invited paper
Reliability topics for the qualification of Leading Edge Silicon CMOS Technologies for RF Applications
F.  Guarin
Global Foundries
09:10 B1-1 #95A Library Based on Deep Neural Networks for Modeling the Degradation of FinFET SRAM Performance Metrics due to Aging
R. Zhang, Z. Liu, K. Yang, T. Liu, W. Cai, L. Milor
Georgia Institute of Technology
09:30 B1-2 #181Long term accelerated ageing of an ASIC dedicated to cryptographic application
J. Coutet1, E. Doche2, R. Guetard2, A. Janvresse2, S. Lavagne2, P. Lebossé2, A. Pastre2, M. Sarlotte2, C. Moreau3, F. Marc4, F. Bayle5
1Thales SIX GTS France SAS; University of Bordeaux, Laboratory IMS, 2Thales SIX GTS France SAS, 3DGA-MI, 4University of Bordeaux, Laboratory IMS, 5Thales AVS France SAS
09:50 B1-3 #227Effect of protons located at different region in SiO2 layer on GLPNP transistors degradation
J. Yang, H. Li, G. Lv, S. Dong, L. Dong, X. Li
Harbin Institute of Technology
10:10 B1-4 #48Simple method for monitoring the switching activity in memristive cross-point arrays with line resistance effects
E. Miranda, A. Morell, J. Muñoz-Gorriz, J. Suñe
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Session F1-1Smart-power devices, IGBT, thyristors: Reliability and Failure analysis
 Room Guillaumet 1
chairpersonsM. CIAPPA
09:10 F1-1-1 #44Evaluating IGBT Temperature Evolution during Short Circuit Operations using a TSEP-based Method
L. Ceccarelli1, F. Iannuzzo1, R. Wu2
1Aalborg University, 2Vestas Wind Systems A/S
09:30 F1-1-2 #74Characterization of the Onset of Carrier Multiplication in Power Devices by a Collimated Radioactive Alpha Source
M. Ciappa, M. Pocaterra
ETH Zurich
09:50 F1-1-3 #190Resistance change in on-chip aluminum interconnects under cyclic thermo-mechanical stress
M. Ritter1, M. Pfost2
1Reutlingen University, 2TU Dortmund University
10:10 F1-1-4 #103Prognosis of Power MOSFET Resistance Degradation Trend using Artificial Neural Networks Approach
K. Pugalenthi1, H. Park2, N. Raghavan1
1Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), 2Hanyang University
Session I3-1Radiation impact on circuits and systems reliability.
 Room Spot
chairpersonsS. UZNANSKI
09:10 I3-1-1 #38A Probabilistic Analysis Technique for Single Event Transient Sensitivity Evaluation of Phase-Lock-Loops
Li Duoli, et all.
Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
09:30 I3-1-2 #47Terrestrial Neutron-Induced Single Events in GaN
D. Munteanu1, J.-L. Autran2
1CNRS, 2Aix-Marseille University - IM2NP
09:50 I3-1-3 #82Calculation of Single Event Burnout failure rate for high voltage devices under satellite orbit without fitting parameters
M. Sudo, M. Tsukuda, I. Omura
Kyushu Institute of Technology
10:10 I3-1-4 #123Fault Resilient FPGA Design for 28nm ZYNQ SoC based Radiation Protection Instrumentation Fulfilling Safety Integrity Level 2
H. Boukabache, C. Toner, D. Perrin, G. Ducos
10:30Coffee Break
Session B2Semiconductor Failure Mechanism & Reliability for advanced Si technologies
 Room Cassiopée
chairpersonsA. BRAVAIX
10:50 B2-1 #159Temperature Dependence of TDDB at High Frequency in 28FDSOI
M. Arabi1, X. Federspiel1, F. Cacho1, M. Rafik1, A.-P. Nguyen2, X. Garros2, G. Ghibaudo3
1STMicroelectronics, 2CEA-LETI, 3IMEP-LAHC
11:10 B2-2 #4Channel-length dependence of mechanical stress effect by hybrid shallow trench isolation on NBTI degradation of HfSiON/SiO2 p-channel MOSFETs with strained Si/SiGe channel
H. Kim1, G. Roh1, S. Lee2, Y.-K. Kwon3, B. Kang1
1Department of Electrical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2SK hynix Inc., 3Department of Electronics, Uiduk University
11:30 B2-3 #151Recovery after Hot-Carrier Injection: Slow versus Fast Traps
M. De Jong, C. Salm, J. Schmitz
University of Twente
11:50 B2-4 #124Cobalt and Ruthenium drift in ultra-thin oxides
D. Tierno, O. Varela Pedreira, C. Wu, N. Jourdan, L. Kljucar, Z. Tőkei, K. Croes
12:10 B2-5 #239Modulation of radiation resistance by hydrogen soaking and aging treatment in transistors
J. Y. Zhao, J. Q. Yang, L. Dong, X. Li
Harbin Institute of Technology
Session F3Power Electronic System reliability
 Room Guillaumet 1
chairpersonsF. IANNUZZO
10:50 F3-1 #126A mission profile-based reliability analysis framework for photovoltaic DC-DC converters
W. Van De Sande1, S. Ravyts2, A. Sangwongwanich3, P. Manganiello4, Y. Yang3, F. Blaabjerg3, J. Driesen2, M. Daenen1
1Hasselt University, 2Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 3Aalborg University, 4imec
11:10 F3-2 #237Impact of temperature on calendar ageing of Lithium-ion battery using incremental capacity analysis
M. Maures, Y. Zhang, C. Martin, J.-Y. Delétage, J.-M. Vinassa, O. Briat
Univ. Bordeaux, CNRS Bordeaux INP, IMS, UMR 5218
11:30 F3-3 #87Impact of the Mission Profile Length in the Lifetime Prediction of PV Inverters
A. F. Cupertino1, J. M. Lenz2, E. M. Silveira Brito3, H. A. Pereira4, J. Renes Pinheiro2, S. I. Seleme Jr.3
11:50 F3-5 #131Adaptive dc-link voltage control strategy to increase PV inverter lifetime
J. M. Callegari1, A. Cupertino1, V. Ferreira2, E. Brito3, V. Mendes2, H. Pereira4
1CEFET - Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais, 2UFMG - Federal University of Minas Gerais, 3UFV - Federal University de Viçosa, 4Universidade Federal de Viçosa
Session I3-2Radiation impact on circuits and systems reliability.
 Room Spot
chairpersonsS. UZNANSKI
10:50 I3-2-1 #174Analysis of neutron sensitivity and data-flow error detection in ARM microprocessors using NEON SIMD extensions
A. Lindoso, M. Garcia-Valderas, L. Entrena
University Carlos III Madrid
11:10 I3-2-2 #188Exploring the Limitations of Dataflow SIHFT Techniques in Out-of-Order Superscalar Processors
D. Cardoso, R. Tonetto, M. Brandalero, G. Nazar, A. Beck, J. Azambuja
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
11:30 I3-2-3 #214Reliability Analysis of NAND-Like Spintronic Memory
N. Maciel1, E. Crespo Marques2, L. Naviner3, H. Cai4, J. Yang4
1Telecom Paristech, 2Télécom Paristech, 3Telecom ParisTech, 4National ASIC System Engineering Center, Southeast University
11:50 I3-2-4 #221Investigation of the Degradations in Power GaN-on-Si MIS-HEMTs subjected to the cumulative γ-ray Irradiation
C. Sharma1, N. Modolo1, H.-H. Chen1, Y.-Y. Tseng1, S.-W. Tang1, M. Meneghini2, G. Meneghesso2, E. Zanoni2, R. Singh3, T.-L. Wu1
1National Chiao Tung University, 2University of Padova, 3Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
12:10 I3-2-5 #247Dual-Core Lockstep Enhanced with Redundant MultiThread Support and Control-Flow Error Detection
M. Peña-Fernandez1, A. Serrano-Cases2, A. Lindoso3, M. Garcia-Valderas3, L. Entrena3, A. Martinez-Alvarez2, S. Cuenca-Asensi2
1Arquimea Ingenieria, 2University of Alicante, 3University Carlos III Madrid
Session GEmitters and Detectors Reliability
 Room Cassiopée
chairpersonsA. BENSOUSSAN
14:00 Invited paper
Generalized framework for assessing the reliability of photonic integrated circuits
P.  Leisher
Freedom Photonics LLC
14:40 G-1 #129Stability and degradation of AlGaN-based UV-B LEDs: role of doping and semiconductor defects
F. Piva1, C. De Santi1, M. Deki2, M. Kushimoto2, H. Amano2, H. Tomozawa3, N. Shibata3, G. Meneghesso1, E. Zanoni1, M. Meneghini1
1Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento Ingegneria dell'Informazione, 2Nagoya University - Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability (IMaSS), 3Nikkiso Giken Co.
15:00 G-2 #155Optical gain in laser diodes with null reflectivity
M. Vanzi1, V. Sanna Valle2, Y. Ueno3, A. Rampulla4
1University of Cagliari - DIEE, 2University of Cagliari DIEE, 3Toyohashi University of Technology - Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering, 4Huawei Technologies Italia srl
15:20 G-3 #213Reliability investigation on CdTe solar cells submitted to Short-Term thermal stress
M. Bertoncello1, M. Barbato1, M. Meneghini1, E. Artegiani2, A. Romeo2, G. Meneghesso1
1University of Padova, 2University of Verona
15:40 G-4 #215Reliability Analysis and Design of a Single Diode Solar Cell Model using Polynomial Chaos and Active Subspace
P. L. T. Duong1, Q. Yang2, H. Park3, N. Raghavan1
1Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), 2Zhejiang University, 3Hanyang University
Session A1Quality and Reliability assessment techniques and methods for Devices and Systems
 Room Spot
chairpersonsE. MIRANDA
14:40 A1-1 #142Effective and combined stressors from multi-dimensional mission profiles for semiconductor reliability
A. Hirler1, A. Alsioufy1, J. Biba1, T. Lehndorff1, H. Lochner2, S. Simon2, T. Sulima1, W. Thomas2, W. Hansch1
1Universität der Bundeswehr München, 2AUDI AG
15:00 A1-2 #107Degradation Modeling for Reliability Estimation of DC Film Capacitors Subject to Humidity Acceleration
S. Zhao1, S. Chen2, H. Wang1
1Aalborg University, 2Northwestern Polytechnical University
15:20 A1-3 #183Learning-Based Reliability Assessment Method for Detection of Permanent Faults in Clockless Circuits
R. Aquino Guazzelli, M. Garay Trindade, L. Fesquet, R. Possamai Bastos
Laboratoire TIMA - Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)
15:40 A1-4 #184Modular Application Relevant Stress Testing for next Generation Power Semiconductors
M. Sievers1, M. Glavanovics1, C. Rhinow2, B. Findenig1
1KAI GmbH, 2Infineon Technologies Austria AG
16:00 A1-5 #21A new method for small sample space components screening: challenges, algorithms and a case-study with Microchip
F. Bergeret1, A. Archimbaud1, S. Dalberto2, C. Bonnin2, C. Soual1
1IPPON Innovation, 2Microchip
Session F1-2Smart-power devices, IGBT, thyristors: Reliability and Failure analysis
 Room Guillaumet 1
chairpersonsM. CIAPPA
15:00 F1-2-1 #62Development of fast short-circuit protection system for advanced IGBT
M. Ichiki, T. Arimoto, S. Abe, M. Tsukuda, I. Omura
Kyushu Institute of Technology
15:20 F1-2-2 #115Investigation of repetitive short-circuit operation of 1200V IGBTs in the IC -VCE phase space
R. Bhojani1, R. Baburske2, M. L. Mysore1, J. Kowalsky1, J. Lutz3, F.-J. Niedernostheide2, H.-J. Schulze4
1Technische Universität Chemnitz, 2Infineon Technologies AG, 3Chemnitz University of Technology, 4Infineon Technologies
15:40 F1-2-3 #245Reliability Evaluation of Power MOSFETs used for an Initial Charge Method Using Multiple Short-Circuits in Each Leg
T. Mannen1, K. Wada2
1Tokyo University of Science, 2Tokyo Metropolitan University
16:00 F1-2-4 #195Statistical defective subpopulation model for risk analysis: usage case study to compare sensitivity to delamination defect, for automotive semiconductors
C. Berges, J. Goxe
NXP Semiconductor SAS
16:20Coffee Break
Poster Session / Cocktail

Room Caravelle
16:40See below for detailled programme

Wednesday, September 25

Session C1Progress in Failure Analysis: Defect Detection and Analysis
 Room Cassiopée
chairpersonsI. DE WOLF
08:30 Invited paper
A completely new scanning electron microscope (SEM)
R. Schröder
Univ. Heidelberg
09:10 C1-1 #193Cold temperature power on reset use case
M. Van Veenhuizen, D. Looijmans, M. Vogels, M. Van Aalten, P. Van Der Cruijsen, P. Gibas, S. Ersoy
NXP Semiconductors
09:30 C1-2 #109Convolutional neural network (CNNs) based image diagnosis for failure analysis of power devices
A. Watanabe, N. Hirose, H. Kim, I. Omura
Kyushu Institute of Technology
09:50 C1-3 #250Using infrared thermal responses for PCBA production tests: Feasibility study
N. El Belghiti Alaoui1, A. Cassou2, P. Tounsi2, A. Boyer2, A. Viard1
1ACTIA Automotive, 2LAAS
10:10 C1-4 #163Quantitative fractography analysis of a chip crack in a Si power MOSFET
R. Schneider
Infineon Technologies AG
Session F2-1GaN devices reliability
 Room Guillaumet 1
chairpersonsF. MORANCHO
09:10 F2-1-1 #185Buffer breakdown in GaN-on-Si HEMTs: a comprehensive study based on a sequential growth experiment
M. Borga1, M. Meneghini1, D. Benazzi1, E. Canato1, R. Püsche2, J. Derluyn2, F. Medjdoub3, I. Abid3, G. Meneghesso1, E. Zanoni1
1Department of information engineering, Univerrsity of Padova, 2EpiGaN, 3CNRS
09:30 F2-1-2 #167Stability and degradation of isolation and surface in Ga2O3 devices
C. De Santi1, A. Nardo1, M. H. Wong2, K. Goto3, A. Kuramata4, S. Yamakoshi5, H. Murakami3, Y. Kumagai3, M. Higashiwaki2, G. Meneghesso1, E. Zanoni1, M. Meneghini1
1University of Padova, 2National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, 3Department of Applied Chemistry, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, 4Novel Crystal Technology, Inc., 5Tamura Corporation
09:50 F2-1-3 #177Characterization of charge trapping mechanisms in GaN vertical Fin FETs under positive gate bias
M. Ruzzarin1, C. De Santi1, F. Chiocchetta1, M. Sun2, T. Palacios2, E. Zanoni1, G. Meneghesso1, M. Meneghini1
1University of Padova, 2MIT
10:10 F2-1-4 #111Stress and Recovery Dynamics of Drain Current in GaN HD-GITs Submitted to DC Semi-ON Stress
V. Padovan1, C. Koller2, G. Pobegen2, C. Ostermaier3, D. Pogany4
1KAI GmbH, TU Wien, 2KAI GmbH, 3Infineon Technologies Austria AG, 4Institute of Solid State Electronics, TU Wien
Session A2Quality and Reliability assessment techniques and methods for Devices and Systems
 Room Spot
chairpersonsE. MIRANDA
09:30 A2-1 #104SREA: a self-recovery effect aware wear-leveling strategy for reliability extension of NAND flash memory
D. Wei1, L. Qiao2, M. Hao2, X. Chen2, L. Zhang2
1HIT, 2Harbin Institute of Technology
09:50 A2-2 #191Gate mapping impact on variability robustness in FinFET technology
L. H. Brendler1, A. L. Zimpeck1, C. Meinhardt2, R. Reis1
1Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, 2Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
10:10 A2-3 #72Storage PoF model of electromagnetic relays based on electrical contact theory
W. Guo, G. Fu, B. Wan
Beihang University
10:30Coffee Break
Session C2Progress in Failure Analysis: Defect Detection and Analysis
 Room Cassiopée
chairpersonsI. DE WOLF
10:50 C2-1 #16High-resolution cross-sectional analysis of the interface between SiC and SiO2 in a MOSFET device via atomic resolution STEM
E. Fisslthaler1, G. Haberfehlner2, C. Gspan1, G. Gruber2, W. Grogger2
1Graz Centre for Electron Microscopy, 2Institute
11:10 C2-2 #254Innovative Approaches to the Invisible Defect on STT-MRAM
G. W. Lee
Samsung Foundry
11:30 C2-3 #19Optimization of signal intensity in intermittent contact scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy
K. Yamasue, Y. Cho
Tohoku University
11:50 C2-4 #146Failure analysis case studies of floating nets in mixed-signal IC
A. Faure, T. Lombardi, J. Goxe
12:10 C2-5 #199Mechanism of Carbon Particle-Induced Latent Leakage between Metal Lines
G. Chang1, W. Qin2, P. Deal2, J. Steinwall2, R. Kabadi2, B. Ruiz2, D. Barrientos2
1ON semiconductor, 2ON Semiconductor
Session F2-2SiC devices reliability
 Room Guillaumet 1
chairpersonsM. MENEGHINI
10:50 F2-2-1 #204Impact of Device Aging in the Compact Electro-thermal Modeling of SiC Power MOSFETs
L. Ceccarelli, A. S. Bahman, F. Iannuzzo
Aalborg University
11:10 F2-2-2 #194Implications of short-circuit events on power cycling of 1.2-kV/ 20-A SiC MOSFET power modules
H. Du1, L. Ceccarelli1, F. Iannuzzo1, P. D. Reigosa2
1Center of Reliable Power Electronics, Aalborg University, Denmark, 2Univesity of Applied Sciences Northwest Switzerland, Windisch, Switzerland
11:30 F2-2-3 #78Investigation of the avalanche ruggedness of SiC MPS diodes under repetitive unclamped-inductive-switching stress
S. Palanisamy1, M.-K. Ahmmed1, J. Kowalsky1, J. Lutz1, T. Basler2
1Technische Universität Chemnitz, 2Infineon Technologies AG
11:50 F2-2-4 #76Influence of curvature induced stress on first principle calculation and the reliability of 4H-SiC (0001) thermally grown SiO2 Gate Oxide
H. Xu, C. Wan
Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
12:10 F2-2-5 #106Circuit-Type modelling of SiC power Mosfet in short-circuit operation including selective fail-to-open and fail-to-short modes competition
F. Richardeau, F. Boige
Lab. LAPLACE - University of Toulouse - CNRS - INPT
Session DReliabililty assessment of RF GaN HEMTs
 Room Cassiopée
chairpersonsM. DAMMANN
14:00 Invited paper
Non-Destructive Techniques For Evaluating The Reliability Of High Frequency Active Devices
J.-G. Tartarin
LAAS CNRS,Université de Toulouse
14:40 D-1 #238Reliability comparison of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with different carbon doping concentration
Z. Gao1, M. Meneghini2, F. Rampazzo2, M. Rzin2, C. De Sandi2, G. Meneghesso2, E. Zanoni2
1DEI_UNIPD, 2Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Università di Padova
15:00 D-2 #216Effects of Forward Gate Bias Stressing on the Leakage Current of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
Y. Gao1, W. Sasangka1, C. Thompson2, C. L. Gan3
1Low Energy Electronic Systems, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, 2Department of Material Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 3School of Material Science and Engineering,Nanyang Technological University
15:20 D-3 #232Investigation into trapping modes and threshold instabilities of state-of-art commercial GaN HEMTs
K. Mukherjee, C. De Santi, M. Rzin, Z. Gao, G. Meneghesso, M. Meneghini, E. Zanoni
University of Padova
15:40 D-4 #244Linearity and robustness evaluation of 150-nm AlN/GaN HEMTs
M. Rzin1, M. Meneghini1, F. Rampazzo1, V. Gao Zhan1, C. De Santi1, R. Kabouche2, M. Zegaoui2, F. Medjdoub2, G. Meneghesso1, E. Zanoni3
1University of Padova, 2IEMN, 3DEI-UNIPD
16:00 D-5 #108A comparative study of nanostructured Silicon-Nitride electrical properties for potential application in RF-MEMS capacitive switches
D. Birmpiliotis1, G. Stavrinidis2, M. Koutsoureli1, G. Konstantinidis2, G. Papaioannou1, A. Ziaei3
1University of Athens, 2Foundation for Research and Technology- Hellas (FORTH), 3Thales Research & Technology
Session E1Packaging reliability
 Room Guillaumet 1
chairpersonsA. GUEDON-GRACIA
14:00 Invited paper
Packaging reliability
R. Rongen
NXP Semiconductors
14:40 E1-1 #122Reliability analysis of sintered Cu joints for SiC power devices under thermal shock condition
Y. Gao1, S. Takata1, C. Chen1, S. Nagao1, K. Suganuma1, A. S. Bahman2, F. Iannuzzo2
1Osaka University, 2Aalborg Univerisity
15:00 E1-2 #102Development of high-strength and superior thermal shock-resistant GaN/DBA die attach structure with Ag sinter joining by thick Ni metallization
D. Kim1, C. Chen2, S. Noh1, S.-J. Lee2, Z. Zhang1, Y. Kimoto2, K. Suganuma2
1Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, 2Osaka University
15:20 E1-3 #86A new high voltage-H2S single noxious gas reliability test for power modules
T. N. Wassermann, O. Schilling, K. Müller, A. Rossin, J. Uhlig
15:40 E1-4 #59Implementation of a new thermal path within the structure of inorganic encapsulated power modules
S. Behrendt1, R. Eisele1, M. Scheibel2, S. Kaessner3
1FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel GmbH, 2Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, 3Robert Bosch GmbH
16:00 E1-5 #14Reliability of pressure-free Cu nanoparticle joints for power electronic devices
Y. Yamada1, Y. Sano2
1Daido University, 2DIC Corporation
Workshop DSM
14:40Room Spot
16:20Coffee Break
Workshop ECPE
16:40Room Cassiopée
Workshop DSM
16:40Room Spot
Session E2Packaging reliability
 Room Guillaumet 1
chairpersonsA. GUEDON-GRACIA
16:40 E2-1 #119Analysis of Electromigration Failure of Nano-Interconnects through a Combination of Modeling and Experimental Methods
H. Ceric1, H. Zahedmanesh2, K. Croes2
1Vienna University of Technology, 2imec
17:00 E2-2 #196Void formation in solder joints under power cycling conditions and its effect on reliability
J. Mei1, R. Haug1, S. Hinderberger1, T. Grözinger2, A. Zimmermann3
1Robert Bosch GmbH, 2Hahn-Schickard, 3Universtiy of Stuttgart, Hahn-Schickard
17:20 E2-3 #36Fretting Wear and Reliability Assessment of Gold-plated Electrical Connectors
X. Le1, S. Ling1, Y. Lin1, D. Li1, S. Wu2, G. Zhai1
1Harbin Institute of Technology, 2Hangzhou Aerospace Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
17:40 E2-4 #192Impact of anodic bonding on transmission loss in millimetre-wave pressure transducers
M. V. De Paolis, J. Philippe, A. Rumeau, A. Coustou, S. Charlot, H. Aubert, P. Pons
19:00Bus shuttle
19:30Gala dinner

Thursday, September 26

Workshop Automotive
08:30Room Cassiopée
Workshop Packaging
08:30Room Spot
Tutorial 5
 Room Guillaumet 1
08:30 Review on failure mechanisms InGaN/GaN MQW LED for public light applications
Y. Deshayes
IMS University of Bordeaux
10:30Coffee Break
Session SSSpecial Session Space and Aeronautic systems
 Room Cassiopée
chairpersonsM. LABRUNEE
10:50 SS-1 #17Stress factors in aircraft electronics: superimpositions, case studies and failure precautions
P. Jacob, G. Nicoletti
Empa Swiss Fed Labs for Materials Testing and Research
11:10 SS-2 #25A closed-loop voltage prognosis for lithium-ion batteries under dynamic loads using an improved equivalent circuit model
J. Yang1, J. Yu1, D. Tang1, J. Dai2
1Beihang University, 2China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology R&D Center
11:30 SS-3 #84Combined Ionizing Radiation & Electromagnetic Interference Test Procedure to Achieve Reliable Integrated Circuits
F. Vargas1, R. Goerl1, P. Villa2, N. Medina3, N. Added3, M. Da Silva4
1Catholic University - PUCRS, 2Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul - IFRS, 3University of São Paulo, 4Centro Universitário FEI
11:50 SS-4 #127Robustness and Reliability Review of Si and SiC FET devices for More-Electric-Aircraft Applications
J. Ortiz Gonzalez, R. Wu, S. N. Agbo, O. Alatise
The University of Warwick
12:10 SS-5 #219Reliability evaluation of a 0.25µm SiGe technology for space applications
C. Robin, S. Rochette
Thales Alenia Space
12:30 SS-6 #241Radiation-induced Single Event Transient effects during the Reconfiguration Process of SRAM-based FPGAs
L. Sterpone, C. De Sio, L. Bozzoli, S. Azimi, B. Du
Politecnico di Torino
Session I1-I2ESD and EMC
 Room Cassiopée
chairpersonsD. POGANY
14:00 Invited paper
EMC & ESD from the technology to the system (Challenge, Trends, application cases)
P. Besse
NXP Semiconductors
14:40 I1-I2-1 #37Effect of TLP rise time on ESD failure modes of collector-base junction of SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors
C. Fleury1, D. Pogany2, W. Simbürger3
1CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG, 2Vienna University of Technology, 3Infineon
15:00 I1-I2-2 #39Topology and design investigation on thin film silicon BIMOS device for ESD protection in FD-SOI technology
P. Galy1, L. De Conti2, M. Vinet3, S. Cristoloveanu4, G. Delahaye2, L. Anghel5
1STMicroelectronics, 2STmicroelectronics, 3CEA, 4IMEP, 5TIMA CNRS
15:20 I1-I2-3 #235System aware ESD clamp design for 802.3bt PD PoE controller
G. Vermont, J. Lemahieu
15:40 I1-I2-4 #139Radiated EMI Evolution of Power SiC MOSFET in a Boost Converter after Short-Circuit Aging Tests
D. Shawki1, K. Moncef1, B. Habib1, T. Mohamed2, B. H. S. Jaleleddine3
16:00 I1-I2-5 #179Destruction analyses of power supplies due to electric pulse
G. Mejecaze1, T. Dubois2, L. Curos1, F. Puybaret3, J.-M. Vinassa4
1CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) - IMS Laboratory, 2IMS Laboratory - Univ. Bordeaux, 3CEA (Atomic Energy Commission), 4IMS Laboratory
Workshop Wide Band Gap
14:40Room Spot
16:20Coffee Break
Workshop Wide Band Gap
16:40Room Spot
17:40Announcement of ESREF 2020
Best Paper Awards
Conference closing

Room Cassiopée

Poster Papers

AP-1 #45Reliability analysis of the optimized Y-source inverter with clamping circuit
H. Liu, E. Shi, W. Wang
Harbin Institute of Technology
AP-2 #54Optimal Design of Ramp-Stress Accelerated Degradation Tests based on the Wiener Process
S.-I. Sung
Kyonggi University
AP-3 #57A 28 nm Full-margin, High-reliability, and Ultra-low-power Consumption Sense Amplifier for STT-MRAM
S. Zheng1, J. Bi1, K. Xi2
1Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
AP-4 #67Perspective reliability assessment principles of platinum thermometer based on accelerated tests
D. Valis1, Z. Vintr1, M. Forbelská2, J. Leuchter1
1University of Defence, 2Mendel University
AP-5 #85Hardware-Based Approach to Guarantee Trusted System Boot in Embedded Systems
L. Correa, F. Vargas, L. Poehls
Catholic University - PUCRS
AP-6 #99Reliability prediction model of NAND flash memory based on random forest algorithm
W. Debao1, L. Qiao2, M. Hao2, L. Zhang2, X. Peng2
1HIT, 2Harbin Institute of Technology
AP-7 #100A Study on the Reliability of Equipment System through Case-study on the Manufacture of Machinery / Electronic Equipment Using Practical QRM Processor
Y. G. Yoon1, S. W. Yoo2, U. H. Jeong1, J. P. Hyung1
1Korea Testing Certification, 2Korea Testing Laboratory
AP-8 #143Quality and Reliability Optimization Design for Electromagnetic Devices Based on Various Uncertainties and Time-Dependent Sensitivity Analysis
X. Ye1, H. Chen1, Y. Wu1, H. Liang2, G. Zhai1
1Harbin Institute Of Technology,
AP-9 #153Mitigation of process variability effects using decoupling cells
A. Lackmann Zimpeck1, C. Meinhardt1, L. Artola2, G. Hubert3, F. Kastensmidt4, R. Reis1
1UFRGS, 2ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab, 3onera, 4Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS
AP-10 #225High voltage temperature humidity bias test (THB) customized system and methodologies for reliability assessment of power semiconductor devices
D. Cimmino1, R. Busca2, S. Ferrero1, F. Pirri1, G. Richieri2, R. Carta2
1Politecnico di Torino, 2Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.
BP-1 #10Effect of HfSiON thickness on electron trap distributions of HfSiON/SiO2 nMOSFET under PBTI
G. Roh1, H. Kim1, S. Lee2, Y. Kwon3, B. Kang1
1Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2SK hynix Inc., 3Department of Electronics, Uiduk University
BP-2 #15Characterization of Positive Bias Temperature Instability Concerning Interfacial Layer Thickness of HfSiON/SiO2 nMOSFET
G. Roh1, H. Kim1, S. Lee2, Y. Kwon3, B. Kang1
1Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2SK hynix Inc., 3Department of Electronics, Uiduk University
BP-3 #34Effect of oxide-trapped charge on the anomalous drain avalanche hot carrier degradation of a SiO2 dielectric nMOSFET
Y. Yun1, J.-H. Seo2, Y.-K. Kwon3, B. Kang1
1Department of Electrical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2Memory Division, Samsung Electronics, 3Department of Electronics, Uiduk University
BP-4 #42Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) as integrative method for the investigation of ultra-fast trapping mechanisms on high-k MIM
L. Merlo, I. Rossetto, L. Cerati, G. Ghidini, A. Milani, F. Toia, R. Piagge, L. Di Biccari, E. Gevinti, G. Croce, A. Andreini
BP-5 #91Modeling of FinFET SRAM Array Reliability Degradation Due to Electromigration
R. Zhang, K. Yang, T. Liu, L. Milor
Georgia Institute of Technology
BP-6 #96Impact of Front-End Wearout Mechanisms on FinFET SRAM Soft Error Rate
R. Zhang, Z. Liu, K. Yang, T. Liu, W. Cai, L. Milor
Georgia Institute of Technology
BP-7 #117Study of Out-of-plane Mechanical Stress Impact on Si BJT and Diffusion Resistor Using In-situ Nanoindentation Probing
Y. Liu, G. Hiblot, H. Lin, D. Velenis, I. De Wolf
CP-1 #55Novel methodology for real time thermal expansion characterization on ball grid array substrate stack-up materials
M. Rovitto, C. M. Villa
CP-2 #118LVI-based Failure Analysis: intermittent scan chain integrity failures, two cases study
G. Marcello, A. A. Merassi, M. Medda
CP-3 #207Infrared image correlation for thermal stress analysis of power devices
A. Watanabe, Y. Masuda, I. Omura
Kyushu Institute of Technology
CP-4 #236Failure analysis of thermally abused lithium-ion battery cell by microscopy, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and acoustic emission
J.-Y. Kim1, Z. Wang2, S.-M. Lee2, J.-W. Byeon2
1Seoul National University of Science & Technology, 2Seoul National University of Science and Technology
DP-1 #13S-Band Pulsed-RF Operating Life test on AlGaN/GaN HEMT devices for Radar application
N. Moultif1, O. Latry1, M. Ndiaye2, T. Neveu1, E. Joubert1, C. Moreau3, J.-F. Goupy4
1University of Rouen Normandy, GPM Laboratory- UMR-CNRS 6634, 76800 Saint tienne de Rouvray, France, 2CEVAA Technopole du Madrillet, 76800 Saint tienne de Rouvray, France, 3DGA-MI, BP7 35998 Rennes CEDEX 9, France, 4Thales
DP-2 #83Investigation of trap induced power drift on 0.15µm GaN technology after aging tests
F. Magnier1, B. Lambert1, C. Chang1, N. Labat2, N. Malbert2
1United Monolithic Semiconductors, 2IMS laboratory
EP-1 #5Copper Electrochemical Migration Growth in an Air HAST
S. Oh1, D. Kim1, W. Hong1, K. Kim2, C. Oh1
1Korea Electronic Technology Institute, 2Hoseo University
EP-2 #12Power Cycling and Temperature Endurance Test of a GaN Switching Cell with Substrate Integrated Chips
E. Dechant1, N. Seliger1, R. Kennel2
1Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim, 2Technical University of Munich
EP-3 #20An analytical calculation method of the effect of interconnect layer damage on power cycling lifetime
Y. Sato, K. Yamazaki, Y. Uchida, N. Sakai, Y. Ito, H. Kobayashi, S. Soda, K. Nishikawa
Mitsubishi Electric corporation
EP-5 #58Fatigue Reliability Design for Metal Dual Inline Packages under Random Vibration Based on Surface Response Method
Y. Su1, G. Fu1, B. Wan1, T. Yu1, W. Zhou2, X. Wang2
1Beihang University, 2CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., LTD.
EP-6 #98Effect of polyol synthesis on sintering of microsized Ag particles
J. Yeom1, C.-F. Li2, K. Suganuma3
1Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, 2School of Materials, Sun Yat-sen University, 3Osaka University
EP-7 #116A Computational study of the effect of bond pad thickness on the polysilicon piezoresistivity due to wafer level probing
S. S. Mane1, R. S. Sethu1, L. Bergmann1, M. Erstling1, K. H. Soon2
1X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, 2Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus, Malaysia
EP-8 #242Power GaN FET boards thermal and electromagnetic optimization by FE modeling
P. Cova, N. Delmonte, D. Santoro
University of Parma
F1P-1 #2Effects of Power Cycling Test Condition and Test Strategy on Lifetime Estimation of Power Modules in Power Electronic Systems
U.-M. Choi1, J.-S. Lee2, F. Blaabjerg3
1Seoul National University of Science and Technology, 2Korea Railroad Research Institute, 3Aalborg University
F1P-2 #41On the use of cosmic muons to assess the local attenuation of terrestrial cosmic neutrons in real-time SEB testing of power devices
M. Ciappa, M. Pocaterra
ETH Zurich
F1P-3 #70Peak minimization based gate delay compensation for active current balancing of parallel IGBT system
R. N. Tripathi1, M. Tsukuda2, I. Omura1
1Kyushu Institute of Technology, 2Green Electronics Research Institute, Kitakyushu ; Kyushu Institute of Technology
F1P-4 #112Impact of the Pump-Out-Effect on the thermal long-term behavior of power electronic modules
S. Söhl, R. Eisele
University of Applied Sciences Kiel
F1P-5 #148Wear evolution analysis of multiple-bond-wires power modules based on thermo-electro-mechanical FEM simulation
M. Jiang1, G. Fu1, M. Fogsgaard2, A. Bahman2, Y. Yang2, F. Iannuzzo2
1Beihang University, 2Aalborg University
F1P-6 #256SiC MOSFET vs SiC/Si Cascode Short Circuit Robustness Benchmark
D. Marroqi1, A. Garrigos1, J. M. Blanes1, F. Gutierrez1, E. Maset2, F. Iannuzzo3
1Industrial Electronics Group (IE-g) Miguel Hernandez University of Elche, Spain, 2Instrumentation and Industrial Electronics Laboratory (L.E.I.I.) University of Valencia, Spain, 3Aalborg University
F2P-1 #49Insights into the Off-State Breakdown Mechanisms in Power GaN HEMTs
N. Zagni, F. M. Puglisi, P. Pavan, A. Chini, G. Verzellesi
Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
F2P-2 #75Degradation indicators of power-GaN-HEMT under switching power-cycling
M. A. González-Sentís1, P. Tounsi2, A. Bensoussan3, A. Dufour1
1CNES, 2LAAS, 3IRT Saint exupéry
F2P-3 #121Degradation Characteristics of SiC Power Devices for DC Circuit Breaker by Repetitive Unclamped Inductive Switching Test
M. Sagara1, K. Wada1, S.-I. Nishizawa2
1Tokyo Metropolitan University, 2Kyushu University
F2P-4 #152Dynamic characterization of SiC and GaN Devices with BTI stresses
J. Ortiz Gonzalez1, M. Hedayati2, S. Jahdi2, B. H. Stark2, O. Alatise1
1The University of Warwick, 2University of Bristol
F2P-5 #186Stress dependent degradation mechanisms on commercially available GaN Normally-Off transistors
A. Bensoussan1, O. Perrotin2, T. Grzes2, F. Tilhac2, F. Coccetti1
1IRT Saint Exupery, 2HIREX Engineering
F2P-6 #187Investigation of the aging of power GaN HEMT under operational switching conditions, impact on the power converters efficiency
A. M. Bouchour1, A. El Oualkadi2, P. Dherbécourt3, O. Latry3, A. Echeverri3
1GPM UMR CNRS 6634, LabTIC Normandie Univ, IUT, INSA Rouen, CNRS, Université Abdelmalek Essaadi, 2LabTIC - Université Abdelmalek Essaadi Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquées, 3GPM UMR CNRS 6634 Normandie Univ, IUT, INSA Rouen, CNRS
F2P-7 #246Failure Mechanisms of Enhancement Mode GaN Power HEMTs Operated in Short Circuit
C. Abbate, G. Busatto, A. Sanseverino, D. Tedesco, F. Velardi
DIEI - University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
F3P-1 #46Reliability evaluation of PV converter based on modified hybrid power control method
H. Liu, J. Jiang, H. Wu, W. Wang
Harbin Institute of Technology
F3P-2 #52Reliable Voltage Balancing Control Based on Hybrid Algorithm for Modular Multilevel Converter
D. Zhang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
F3P-3 #71Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-ion Batteries of Stratospheric Airship by Model-based Method
X. Du, G. Xu, Z. Li
Academy of Opto-electronics,Chinese Academy of Sciences
F3P-4 #97Fault Ride-through Capability of Star-Connected Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based Hybrid Energy Storage System under Unbalanced Grid Failure
Y. Zhang, Z. Liu, J. Kong
Nanjing university of science and technology
F3P-5 #150Evaluation of health and safety of mechanically fatigued rechargeable lithium polymer batteries for flexible electronics applications
J.-Y. Kim1, K.-T. Yoo1, D.-O. Kim1, M.-H. Lee2, W.-J. Yang3, J.-W. Byeon1
1Seoul National University of Science and Technology, 2Korea Testing & Research Institutes, 3Korea Institute of Materials Science
F3P-6 #197Redundancy Design for Modular Multilevel Converter based STATCOMs
J. V. M. Farias1, A. F. Cupertino1, V. D. N. Ferreira2, H. A. Pereira3, S. I. Seleme Jr2
1Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG), 2Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), 3Federal University of Viçosa (UFV)
F3P-7 #205Benchmarking of Capacitor Power Losses Calculation Methods for Wear-Out Failure Prediction in PV Inverters
J. M. Lenz1, A. F. Cupertino2, H. A. Pereira3, D. Zhou4, H. Wang4, J. R. Pinheiro1
F3P-8 #137Fuzzy Logic based Open-circuit Fault Diagnosis in IGBT for CMLI fed PMSM Drive
N. V. P. Kuraku, Y. He
Hefei University of Technology
GP-1 #6Device performances and instabilities of channel engineered amorphous InGaZnO thin film transistors
J. H. Lee1, Y. H. Park1, J. W. Shin2, W. J. Cho2, J. T. Park1
1Incheon National University, 2Kwangwoon University
GP-2 #7Effects of electrode materials on the device performances and instabilities in amorphous InGaZnO thin film transistors
J. W. Choi1, S. H. Park1, C. G. Yu1, W. J. Cho2, J. T. Park1
1Incheon National University, 2Kwangwoon University
GP-3 #30Analysis of degradation in 25-year-old field-aged crystalline silicon solar cells
W. Oh1, S. Bae2, S. Kim2, N. Park3, S.-I. Chan3, H. Choi1, H. Hwang4, D. Kim2
1STECO, 2Korea University, 3Korea Electronic Technology Institute, 4Sung Kyun Kwan University
GP-4 #79Rapid diagnosis of hot spot failure of crystalline silicon PV module based on I-V curve
M. Ma1, H. Liu1, Z. Zhang1, P. Yun2, F. Liu1
1School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Hefei University of Technology, 2Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.
GP-5 #231Mitigation of Potential-induced degradation (PID) based on Anti-reflection coating (ARC) structures of PERC solar cells
K.-S. Oh1, S. Bae2, K.-J. Lee3, D. Kim2, S.-I. Chan1
1Korea Electronics Technology Institute, 2Korea University, 3Government Policy Coordination, Prime Minister's Secretariat
I1P-1 #168ESD-Failure of E-mode GaN HEMTs: Role of Device Geometry and Charge Trapping
E. Canato1, M. Meneghini1, F. Masin1, A. Barbato1, M. Barbato1, A. Stockman2, A. Banerjee2, P. Moens2, E. Zanoni1, G. Meneghesso1
1University of Padova, 2ON Semiconductor
I2P-1 #133Interference Source Analysis and EMC Design for All-SiC Power Module in EV Charger
Z. Li1, T. Shao1, T. Q. Zheng1, H. Li1, B. Huang2
1Beijing Jiaotong University, 2Global Power Technology Co., Ltd.
I3P-1 #35SEU Tolerance Improvement in 22 nm UTBB FDSOI SRAM Based on a Simple 8T Hardened Cell
C. Cai1, P. Zhao1, L. Xu2, T. Liu1, D. Li1, L. Ke1, Z. He1, J. Liu1
1Institute, 2State Key Laboratory of ASIC and System, Fudan University
I3P-2 #43Heavy Ion Irradiation Induced Hard Error in MTJ of the MRAM Memory array
P. Zhao, T. Liu, C. Cai, D. Li, Q. Ji, Z. He, P. Zhai, Y. Sun, M. Hou, J. Liu
I3P-3 #50Radiation Reliability Benefit of Area-Optimized Interleaved Flip-Flop Layout in 28 nm Technology
S. H. Jeon1, C. Lim1, S. Baeg1, S. Wen2, H. Wang3, L. Chen4
1Hanyang University, 2Cisco Systems Inc, 3Hohai University, 4University of Saskatchewan
I3P-4 #56The total ionizing dose effects of X-ray irradiation on graphene/Si Schottky diodes with a HfO2 insertion layer
Y. Xu1, J. Bi1, Y. Li2
1Institute, 2Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
I3P-5 #73Total ionization dose and single event effects of a commercial stand-alone 4 Mb resistive random access memories (ReRAM)
J. Bi, B. Li, K. Xi
I3P-6 #89Dynamic heavy ions SEE testing of NanoXplore radiation hardened SRAM-based FPGA: reliability-performance analysis
ÁD. Oliveira1, F. Benevenuti2, L. Benites1, G. Rodrigues1, F. Kastensmidt3, N. Added4, V. Aguiar4, N. Medina4, M. Guazzelli5, L. Antunes Tambara6
1UFRGS, 2Fabio Benevenuti, 3Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS, 4University of São Paulo, 5Centro Universitário da FEI, 6Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
I3P-7 #90Approximate TMR Based on Successive Approximation and Loop Perforation in Microprocessors
G. Rodrigues1, J. Fonseca1, F. Kastensmidt2, V. Pouget3, A. Bosio4
1UFRGS, 2Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS, 3IES - CNRS, 4Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology
I3P-8 #120Mitigating single event upset method for Zynq MPSoC
X. Cui, L. Liu, J. Liang, Y. Peng
Harbin Institute of Technology
I3P-9 #130Radiation Hardening Efficiency of Gate Sizing and Transistor Stacking based on Standard Cells
Y. Q. Aguiar1, F. Wrobel1, S. Guagliardo1, J.-L. Autran2, P. Leroux3, F. Saigne1, A. Touboul1, V. Pouget1
1Université de Montpellier - IES/RADIAC, 2Aix-Marseille University, 3University of Leuven - KU Leuven
I3P-10 #178Degradation of bipolar transistors at high doses obtained at elevated temperature applied during gamma-irradiation
A. S. Petrov1, K. I. Tapero1, A. M. Galimov2, G. I. Zebrev3
1Research Institute of Scientific Instruments (RISI), 2JSC MRI Progress, 3National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
I3P-11 #208Proton and Light ions induced SEU effect in a SOI SRAM with gold plated lid
J. Gao1, Q. Zhang2, B. Li1, K. Xi1, B. Li1, C. Wang1, H. Liu1, F. Zhao1, C. Zeng1, J. Luo1, Z. Han3, J. Liu4, G. Guo5
1Key Laboratory of Silicon Device Technology ,Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering,China Academy of Space Technology, 3University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5National Innovation Center of Radiation Application, China Institute of Atomic Energy
I3P-12 #240Modeling and Simulation of SEU in Bulk Si and Ge SRAM
S. Moindjie, D. Munteanu, J.-L. Autran
I3P-13 #249Single Event Transient Sensitivity Analysis of Different 32nm CMOS Majority Voters Designs
I. Oliveira1, R. Schvittz2, P. F. Butzen3
1Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, 2Universidade Federal de Pelotas, 3FURG - Brazil
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